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Michigan's Scenic Lighthouses

JRD Management's exclusive properties are within hour to days drive of 38 scenic lighthouses.  JRD is Your Michigan Gold Coast Connection for Exclusive Vacation Rentals.  Lighthouse visiting and photography is becoming one of the premier trips in the Midwest.  There are 106 total lighthouses in Michigan alone, one of the most prolific locations of lighthouses anywhere in the world.

Whitefish Point is Michigan's most famous light station.  It's a 2-hour drive from JRD Management's exclusive Harbor Springs/Petoskey rentals.  First established in 1849, the current Whitefish Point Lighthouse dates back to restoration in 1861.  The significant restoration in 1920 upgraded the keepers quarters during the tenure of the Endress family, the most notable keepers of the light station.

In recognition of a significant number of visitors to the JRD properties being lighthouse hobbyists, we can advise you on potential lighthouse visits, trip mapping, and a complimentary $14.95 lighthouse souvenir are available to you

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